Auto Body Repair

OFS Smart Repair is an premium auto body repairer for all major motor manufacturers and was established in 1984. OFS Smart Repair is situated in Bloemfontein, Free State and covers more than 5200 m² with fully imported, top-of-the-line technology.

Since 2015 Urbanjava worked very closely with the OFS Team and Brand Director Jeani Meyer, to bring forth a new vision for the business and pivot the perception of the public mind around Auto Body Repair.

Through a vigorous Rebrand Strategy and the collaboration of various teams, the project encompasses brand strategy, positioning, messaging, advertising, art direction and various pieces of content creation and digital design.

Jeani Meyer – Brand Director

At the Smart Repair Group we are serious about brand. We know it takes a lot of time, dedication and very hard work to build and maintain a great brand. In building our various brands, OFS Smart Repair, Hello Smart Blog, Swift Auto Body Repair and C3 Auto Body Repair Academy we believe in collaborating with the very BEST talent we can find and that is exactly why we choose to collaborate with the Urban Java Team.

Urban Java is the digital design and brand communication yin to the yang of our brand. They are exceptionally talented, bravely innovative and have a true passion for their work. Their ideas are fresh, their standards impeccably high and their commitment unsurpassable. We are very proud to be associated with Urban Java and consider them part of our family. Part of the Smart Team.

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